Who We Are

Nevada District Attorneys Association

The Nevada District Attorneys Association meets several times a year to discuss trends, share information and ideas, and to develop strategies to improve Nevada’s criminal justice process. Many of our members represent the voice of prosecutors on numerous statewide committees and commissions. We monitor and evaluate legislative and judicial proposals, advocating in favor of those that have a positive impact on public safety and victims’ rights. Our members provide training and resources to victim advocacy groups, bar associations, service organizations, students, and law enforcement officers concerning an array of topics in criminal justice and public law.

Our Association oversees and supports the Nevada Prosecution Best Practices Committee which is responsible for developing model practices for prosecuting agencies as well as tools for enhancing the skills of prosecutors at all levels. Wherever there is an opportunity to stand up for victims and fight for the communities we serve, the Nevada District Attorneys Association and your local District Attorney are there!

Meet The Nevada District Attorneys Association

Our Association is a combination of District Attorneys, Prosecutors and Board of Directors and Officers. We work together to form one Association across Nevada’s seventeen counties.