Criminal Justice 101

Debunking Myths About Prosecutors and the Criminal Justice System

We’re here to debunk common myths about Prosecutors and the Criminal Justice System. Over time our Association has collected common myths out there, and it’s our goal to inform our state and community about the real facts.

MYTH #1: Prosecutors only want to secure convictions and incarceration.

MYTH #2: Prosecutors don’t care about rehabilitation.

MYTH #3: Defense attorneys are just as interested as prosecutors in seeking the truth and protecting their communities.

MYTH #4: Prosecutors are attorneys who legally represent victims.

MYTH #5: In the criminal justice system, prosecutors command the greatest amount of power.

MYTH #6: Prisons are full of low-level drug offenders and first-time offenders.

MYTH #7: A prosecutor’s job is shrouded in secrecy.

MYTH #8: Cases are solved in a matter of minutes and there is always forensic evidence.

MYTH # 9:  Mass Incarceration is a problem in Nevada.

MYTH # 10:  Truth in Sentencing exists in Nevada.