The Role of a Prosecutor

The Nevada District Attorneys Association is the voice of Nevada prosecutors. We work hard to protect the rights of victims and preserve the safety of our families and communities. Our members collaborate to overcome challenges and take advantage of opportunities to improve our service to the public. The Nevada District Attorneys Association also partners with other criminal justice stakeholders to propose, develop, and advocate common-sense, evidence-based reforms to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of law enforcement and judicial processes.

The role of a prosecutor is multi-faceted. Prosecutors are:

  • Administrators of Justice
  • Seekers of Truth
  • Advocates for the People
  • Officers of the Court
  • Protectors of the rights of all people, including victims, witnesses, and criminal defendants

Why A Prosecutor Is Important

The primary goal of a prosecutor is to seek justice. Prosecutors work to protect the community with fair and equal justice. Prosecutors work with law enforcement agencies and victims to hold people accountable for violating the law. The job of a prosecutor is not to simply convict. If prosecutors see an injustice, a violation of procedural law, or a violation of someone’s rights, they must do what’s right to rectify the situation. That can mean dismissing a case, not charging a case, or reducing the charges in a case. If prosecutors believe the right thing for the community is for a criminal defendant to be provided a path to reform and rehabilitation, they will support that effort.

What A District Attorney Does

There has been a lot of attention on the District Attorneys lately, and the prosecutor’s role in the criminal justice system. But you might not know all the things the DA does, the limits on the DA’s power, and the ways the DAs have already been changing their approach to prosecution in recent years. The DA’s number one responsibility is keeping our communities safe.