Multiple First-Degree Murder Convictions

In a span of just seven (7) days, prosecutors in the Clark County District Attorney’s Office
obtained first-degree murder convictions in five (5) different trials against five (5) dangerous
criminals. “In my forty-plus years of working in the criminal justice system, I can’t recall that
many first-degree murder convictions in such a short time frame.” District Attorney Steve
Wolfson commented.

“Although many industries were shut down during the pandemic, crime never stopped,”
Wolfson continued. “Now that courts have resumed trials, we are seeing these violent
criminals brought to justice.”

District Attorney Wolfson gave credit to all of the entities involved. “This was a
collaborative effort. I am thankful to the tenacious law enforcement officers who investigated
these cases, the specialized homicide judges who devoted their time to hear these trials, and
the members of our community who sacrificed their personal time to serve on juries. Most
importantly, I am grateful for my prosecutors who – – despite limited resources – – work
tirelessly to keep this community safe,” said Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson.
“Collectively, we were able to bring closure and justice to the families of these murder